Continuous Retail Brokerage

Blatteis & Schnur represents an unbroken tradition of serving international, national, and regional property owners, retailers and restaurants since 1922.

Dedicated Personal Service

Blatteis & Schnur places extreme importance on close personal and professional relationships with both Property and Tenant clients for matters of leasing, marketing, management, sales, consultation and development.

Teamwork Approach

With its growing network of offices in major metropolitan areas, Blatteis & Schnur emphasizes cooperation and coordination among its own professionals and the retail brokerage community at large, maintaining strong ties with the finest brokerage firms in the country.

Presence and Knowledge

Blatteis & Schnur’s presence and knowledge of the principal retail, restaurant and entertainment markets throughout the country provides a uniquely high degree of service for national and international clients.


Through performance and successful completion of assignments, Blatteis & Schnur has achieved the status of one of the nation’s leading retail brokers for urban oriented fashion, entertainment and dining opportunities for Tenants, Property Owners, and Developers.